About Us

Our set up


The van features a 3,000 watt stereo system complete with dj lighting, bluetooth access, karaoke, and a large PA system.

We have 2 large screen tv's for viewing the game, with full satellite and streaming capabilities.  We can support up to 16 screens in hd. 

wifi is available

play station available




ladder toss

beer pong

flippy cup


We set up 2 -6 large tents

some seating provided, but is limited

(we encourage you to bring chairs)

The Krewe


We are a diverse group from multiple walks of life.  We began as a family operation 10-12 years ago, and have blossomed into a large extended family of friends.  All age groups are welcome.  We also welcome the visiting team.  We want you to leave with no doubt of where the best tailgating in the SEC resides.

Our focus is on hospitality, fun and FOOD.

We don't charge for people to tailgate with us. You are our guests!!

JOin us to experience the pinnacle of Tiger Tailgating!!!

"your party's all wrong, if it 'aint DamnStrong!!"


The Food


We serve a site prepared meal for every game. complete with the trimmings.

The menu is arranged pre-season and is posted in our "upcoming events page".

We aren't apposed to guests bringing in more food, but it isn't necessary.

In addition we have homemade smoke sausage and Boudin at every game.

Water soft drinks are provided in addition to beer and a fully stocked bar. 

(no underage drinking is allowed)